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What To Wear: 2022 Denim Trends
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What To Wear: 2022 Denim Trends

  • Denim 2022 is a return of a modern take on the '90s trend.

Earlier this year we saw the return of that Britney and Justin’s patchwork denim. What this tells is that the streets crave the throwback denim while still wanting to look modern. Many of us feel that denim is a year-round staple, and we’re not wrong. But the denim trend for 2022 is different; it’s a mixed bag of baggy jeans trends from the ’90s to daring low-risers as seen on celebs like Julia Fox.

The throwback-chic theme for denim in 2022 has a lot of ‘play’ to offer and we’re here for it. Browse our Celebrity Style Living’s picks of denim to wear this summer.

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