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The Women’s March On Washington
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The Women’s March On Washington

Last weekend, over 2 million people around the country- and the world- participated in women’s marches. This number marks the biggest protest to take place in United States history. The movement was to focus on women’s rights, refusing to let rights and voices be taken away. While the main march took place in the nation’s capital, Washington DC, numerous other cities from around the globe took a stand as well, organizing their own marches and making their voices heard.

From Los Angeles to London, it was clear feminists all over the globe were there to make a statement, and to refuse silence. From a woman’s right over her own body to racial issues, the people taking place made a clear statement: We will be heard. Following the day after the inauguration, the women made it clear that they have rights, and these rights are to remain. It is a powerful message no person can ignore. Washington DC alone saw an estimated near 500,000 women participating, bringing in busloads of people from all over the country. People from the west coast made the trek all the way across the United States to participate in the march and add their voices to the other hundreds of thousands of people. Men, women, and children all walked the 2-mile route, holding signs bearing messages and giving words of hope and love that their rights will remain. “Love trumps hate” and “Fight like a girl” are just a few examples of the words displayed, pushing for positivity and love to be the backbone of women’s rights.

Social media blew up the day of the event, filling Twitter, Instagram, and various other platforms with images and words of support for marchers all over the country. Celebrities such as Miley Cyrus, Emma Watson, Lena Dunham, and Blake Lively appeared on the march, and shared the journey on social platforms. Participants themselves were amazed by the amount of support and positivity that reverberated in response to the event. In a situation that could easily be fired by anger and hate, the participants instead chose to use words of empowerment and love. The positive energy could be felt in the air, creating an atmosphere that spread a wave of hope.

It was an incredible movement that left a lasting imprint on the country. The people taking place in the march were highly regarded, noting the energy that flooded from the heart of the country and spread, not even just across state boundaries, but across oceans. The magnitude of this event is surely one that will make a mark on history for generations to come. Two million incredible voices from around the country came together to fight for their rights. It reveals a true democracy, where people can come together to make a stand for their rights and their beliefs. The participants in the women’s march successfully conveyed the message they wanted to display: we are a country that refuses to give up our rights and be fueled by hate. It is a message that cannot be ignored, and shows how the power of peace and love can make a difference.

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