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Tony Ward Couture Spring / Summer 2022
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Tony Ward Couture Spring / Summer 2022

  • Bright monochromatic pieces with intricate details
  • In this collection, Tony Ward celebrates the 25th anniversary of his fashion house and pays tribute to his father, Elie Ward who established Ward's Ateliers 70 years ago
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World re-nowned designer, Tony Ward has been dressing the world’s most beautiful women, such as Whitney Houston and Sharon Stone. His SS22 Couture collection, titled “Magnification,” was unveiled during Haute Couture Week, and as you would expect, every piece in the Spring / Summer 2022 collection showcased all the meticulous detailing he’s known to always deliver.

From rose gold pinks, blues to silver to spring greens, this collection has an enchantment about it. The contemporary collection of the House is characterized by flamboyance, a deviation from the designer’s usual runway presentations. The collection pays homage to the seventy-year heritage of Tony Ward Couture.

In 1952, Tony’s father Elie, was just sixteen years old when he founded Ward’s Ateliers by Elie Ward. At the age of 9 he worked for a renowned tailor in Beirut, and became one of the most renowned tailors in the city.

When Tony took over in 1997, he continued the work and success of his father, launching his own label.

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It’s what we’re celebrating together, a tribute to 70 years since the establishment of Ward’s Ateliers by Elie, and the 25th anniversary of Tony Ward’s creations, inspirations change, creations evolve, but the legacy remains.

Tony Ward Couture

True to it’s name, the Magnification collection also features dresses with flamboyant skirts, lots of dramatic bodices, and organic shapes. The beaded pieces in the collection consist of a monochromatic design with intricate details while several gowns include hoods adorned with fragmented beads.

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