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Paris Men’s Fashion Week Kicked Off Today
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Paris Men’s Fashion Week Kicked Off Today

The home of Haute Couture kicked off the event with Menswear, showing a wonderful array of suits, sweaters, and sneakers.

Facetasm was one of the first collections to show, and it is easy to say the collection impressed. You name it, they had it: florals, plaid, fur, velvet. The pieces made the statement that layers and texture are in. Leaving simplicity at the door, the pieces consisted of oversized jackets with trains, wide-leg pants, and puffer coats. The whole collection screamed luxury “streetwear cool.” The line was fierce, bursting with a variety of colors like red, blue, and muted yellows. Facetasm made a bold statement with their fall line, and it is surely one to watch for the coming fall season.

Following Facetasm is the ever-loved Balenciaga.The collection made a statement in men’s suits and office wear. Taking on an 80’s-inspired look, it featured puffer vests, trench coats, velvet trousers, and striped scarves. Colorful shirts, ties, and bomber jackets were all a part of the nod toward Bernie Sanders, a strong statement made by the pieces. Many of the models wore glasses reminiscent of Bernie’s own, and many of the polos, were embroidered with a “Balenciaga” logo in the same style seen in Bernie’s campaign. Several models wore overthrows resembling his banners, creating a strong nod to the politician. One of the most striking elements of the collection were the bold sneakers that looked like something out of an 80’s movie. It was a retro chic statement full of bright colors that is a clear reminder of how fashion past leaves an imprint on collections for generations to come.

Instagrammers took to sharing their favorite looks and we show you some of the best.

Simple chic are the two words that perfectly describe the collection shown by Lemarie. Combinations of turtleneck sweaters, dress pants, car coats, and overcoats brought together a collection that says “simple and clean.” Pops of red and yellow appeared under the cool green, blue, and black of the sweaters and coats, allowing a dash of personality to shine through and bring character to the pieces. Overall, the collection made a statement that clean and refined is cool.

Perhaps the most vibrant collection of the day was from Walter Van Beirendonck. The looks were flooded with bright yellows, greens, oranges, blues, and an exciting leaf camo print. Bear decals were featured on overcoats and trouser pants, along with graphic designs on shirts. Strong capes also made an appearance on the runway, offering an exciting alternative to the overcoats. Commonly seen in the collection were over sized gloves, often a part of the sleeves on a jacket, and bright, colorful face scarves. Van Beirendonck’s collection was full of life, and brought excitement to the first day of the event.

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One of the last collections of the day was Valentino, and the designer did not disappoint. The brand featured a mix of argyle sweaters, overcoats, baseball caps, and straight trousers to make a pristine collection. The brand collaborated with Jamie Reid, and it was sheer success. Caps and sweaters bore the statements: “beauty is a birthright reclaim your heritage” and “it seemed to be the end until the next beginning.” The bold colors like pink and yellow, combined with plaid, a zebra-print overcoat, and a shiny red jacket made for a collection that came together flawlessly. The fun colors combined with the chic sweaters made a collection that was seemingly perfect, making for a perfect collection to round in the end of the first day of Paris Fashion Week.

From all the first collections shown today, it has become clear it will be an exciting week of a look into the fall fashion. As the rest of the world looked on, Paris brought the first night of the event to a close, proving fashion is an art to be loved by all.

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